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    Is there a way to NOT have messaging apps and social network apps (Aim, Facebook) to not appear in my contacts ? I don't need my 200+ fb friends and my 200+ aim contacts to litter my contacts app (MS Exchange Set as primary).

    Rite now im not adding my AIM account and facebook account because its cluttering up my contacts app. I would really like to use aim,google talk etc but cant at this point.

    Please say theres a way around this ..
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    Remove those accounts from your Contacts sync. Under contacts, go to "Preferences", "Accounts", and delete the Facebook and AIM entries, tap on "Sync Now" and they should be gone.
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    With facebook you can remove the account from your contacts (via preferences menu).
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    When i go to the contacts-> preferences and account it doesn't show the Aim account there. Its only showing my exchange account even though the AIM contacts are in there.
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    Well I don't use AIM so can't help you there. I did have the same issue with Facebook and the steps above fixed the problem. Maybe someone else will have a solution.
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    Regarding facebook. I only want facebook to sync info with the people in my contact list from ms exchange only. When i add facebook it adds everyone that i have on facebook and i dont want that. And there is no way to make that not happen

    When i had my iPhone syncing facebook would update the contact information with everyone in my contacts prior to adding Facebook and not add EVERYONE else i have on Facebook. I guess theres no way to just 1 contact field show in the contacts while still having Aim, And facebook Synced.

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