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    Hello all:

    Let me preface this question by stating that I just ordered a Pre Plus and have not yet received it. This question may become moot once I set it up.

    I'm a long-time Mac user and love the simplicity of the Missing Sync. From what I've gathered, syncing between a Pre or Pre Plus and a Mac is virtually seamless.

    However, I'm not sure how the Missing Sync and WebOS's Synergy will work together. I have meticulously maintained by contacts on my Mac but have neglected my contacts on Gmail. I'm concerned that I'll invest in the Missing Sync only to have my highly-organized contacts messed up when Synergy syncs from my Gmail contacts.

    Thus, my question to you: is there any way to turn the Synergy function off? Or does Synergy sync automatically?

    Any and all help would be appreciated. I apologize for how ridiculously stupid this question is.
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    The MS will make its own accounts on the phone under calendar and contacts. Thus, there will be nothing to Syngerize with, as Synergy uses Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. You're not using those.
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    Missing Sync is well worth the money in my opinion. If you owned the Palm OS version, you are entitled to a discount. It won't sync with your Gmail contacts at all, but will link contacts with Gmail to contacts with Missing Sync seamlessly, without messing up your Mac's Address Book and iCal.

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