Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this...or if someone has a solution.

I have a Pre and the wife has a Pixi.

Along with our own calendars, we have a "Shared" family calendar. We both had read/write/edit access to.

The idea is, I can add something to the "shared" calendar and it shows up on both of our devices. But, I still have just my stuff on my calendar, not cluttering up her calendar with my personal crap.

The issue we're having is...if one of us creates an item on the "shared" calendar, the other person sees it just fine (can even edit it) but, even though there's an alarm/alert set for the calendar reminder, it doesn't alert for the person who DIDN'T create it.

If I made a shared item on the calendar and set it to remind me 15 min prior...I get the alert...but she doesn't.

Likewise, any appointments/events she creates, I don't get alerts for.

Anyone have an idea?

For information's sake, when I go into HER calendar (on her Pixi) and look at an event "I" created, the properties of the event show "no reminder", even though a reminder is clearly set when you look at the same event on my Pre.