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    I am creating a few calendar events in the stock calendar. For my exchange account how can I add meeting attendees. If I receive a calendar event and I am included as a neeting attendee, I can also see all of the other meeting attendees. But when I create a calendar event, I need to send it to other attendees but there is no option for me to. This is an essential function of a PDA/Smartphone....please help. Thanks.
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    That is a function a whole bunch of people were hoping would be in the 'calendar enhancements' in 1.4.
    Not so much. So far this is not really possible in WebOS. A number of people are thinging it is tied to the fact that google calendar does not have the support for this function.
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    Very difficult to use this as an iphone or blackberry alternative with Exchange if you can not add attendees to an event. Of course, if I create an event on the Pre it doesn't show up in Exchange calendar anyway, so calendar is useless unless I just want to a view into Exchange.
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    I just switched from a beloved Palm Centro to a Pre Plus, and am now reconsidering my choice. That old school phone was great (see note 1), could send calendar events as vcal via messaging or email, and could send contacts similarly with a vCard.

    This was a killer feature, the data is structured, easy to input (using calendar/contacts apps) and recreated on the destination phone perfectly. I found myself using it all the time. In a *tight* smartphone market (my wife has a droid, everyone else in NYC has an iphone) this is a dropped ball.

    Clearly adding attendees to an event is equivalent to sending it in a MMS text message, although the latter allows certain old phones to use it. Please, please implement this required feature asap.

    1. An aside to this thread, but a first impression comparison. The centro had a lightning quick OS and could be dropped a thousand times. It had a wonderful button to get a menu, why did that go away. A hint to designers: I never want my fingers to leave the keyboard. The gestures+key luckily saved the phone from droid-level disaster, but *every* menu entry needs one, or some way to add one a la Mac OSX.

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