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    Didn't notice this anywhere else, but a small glitch I found with 1.4

    I archive all my mail in gmail whether it is important or not so I had set my "trash" folder as my all mail folder for easy archiving. Delete on handset will archive on server.

    With the 1.4 update, I found that it reverted the "trash" folder back to trash so I have inadvertently been actually deleting my mail instead of saving it for the last few weeks.

    Just curious if anyone else who did this experienced the same thing?

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    I believe there are Gmail IMAP settings to have a delete action archive messages so you don't have to worry about that. Just check your settings from a desktop browser and it should be easy to spot. I thought archiving was actually default behavior since I remember I had to choose to have it delete properly.
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    My trash folder is still set to all mail after the 1.4 update.
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    Yea, I created a gmail label called "deleted on pre" and changed the trash on the Pre app to go to that folder, this way I can look every so often at how many emails I delete on my Pre.
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    What are the chances of them adding archiving as a native function in the email app?
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    This is one of the settings I check after every update ... I seem to remember this happening a few updates ago as well
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    Man I dodged a bullet there! Thankfully mine did not revert, I had not thought to check before though.
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    Mine reverted, but then again, I did webOSDoctor, so i guess that was to be expected, heh.

    But yea, it's really handly haaving "Trash" set to All Mail Easy archiving
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    So I just got a Pre. I have it set up for Gmail. Initially when I swipe to delete a message it didn't do anything on the desktop, but it disappeared from my phone. So now I made a label in my Gmail called "Pre Deleted" and it'll just put that label on it in Gmail, but the message is still in my Inbox.

    I don't see a "Gmail Trash" folder when I look to where it shows all the different folders I can have the trash set to. How do I get it to just delete a message when I swipe it?
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    You need to tap the arrow next the the Gmail line under the Inbox which will show you all your folders, the Trash on is found there. You can then tap on Email at the top and then choose the Empty Trash to permanently delete them.
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    I don't have one there. I have Inbox, Outbox, then [Gmail] which has Drafts, Sent Mail, Spam, and Starred there, then all my labels. I know it should be there cuz I've seen it on my lady's Pre, but it isn't there on mine.
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    ahhh I'm such an *****. I messed with the Google Labs settings some time ago and had it set to hidden. Sorry
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    Every update I received I had to revert my Trash folder back to All Mail

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