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    Is Sprint going to fix this again, or am I S-O-L in that regard now?
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    Sprint? You mean Palm?

    That boat has sailed, don't expect Palm to ever get it working again.
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    Use 9.0.1 itunes.
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    Nothing is broken. Google yourself a copy of an older iTunes version, install it, and you're good to go.
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    Not until elan comes out. Then get your popcorn ready for the palm and apple at&t epic.
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    Just givie up and RUN. Many of us here now use a program like doubleTwist

    Can you name any true reason why you would want to support Apple when they compete with Palm? If Apple really cared and wanted you to still purchase music while syncing with their software to your Palm they would allow it. But Apple thinks that they have reached a point where they are big enough to control what the consumer purchases and does in the mobile world.

    When you think about it why not run away when you can use other programs and make your OWN choices? .... at least for now
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    My true reason is iTunes works great "every time" and DT doesn't. I gave up on the buggy workarounds long ago and stick with what works and thats iTunes.
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    I have started using MediaMonkey. I haven't had any real problems and is more flexible than ITunes.
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    +1 on Media Monkey. I went from i tunes to double twist, and recently to Media Monkey. I am most happy with Media Monkey, and does everything I need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrgieseking View Post
    Is Sprint going to fix this again, or am I S-O-L in that regard now?
    Just to be clear ... it's Palm, not Sprint ... and it's Apple that "broke" the iTunes sync (on purpose), so it's not clear that Palm can "fix" it.

    FWIW, if at all possible, I would suggest you simply dump iTunes. There's better software IMO, and Apple are being jerks about locking people into their tools/format.
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    Go on google...type in iTunes 9.0.1, but first delete the current iTunes you have now. And install 9.0.1. That was the last version that works with media sync only because apple disable Pre from using recent versions, so dont blame Palm or "Sprint".

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