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    I'm having a strange email issue with my Palm Pre. I updated to 1.4 last week, and had no problems at all. A few days later though, the email app started behaving strangely. It would only sync my email through imap twice a day (the rest of the time, it just didn't even try to grab the messages). Hoping to fix this, I deleted my email settings. This caused the phone to crash and reboot. When it restarted, only the inbox was showing in the email app. I tried removing the account settings again, and the phone crashed again. When it rebooted, the email app asked me to set up my email. I put in my settings manually (i have a personal email server), however, I got an error message:
    Unable to validate incoming mail server settings. Check the settings and try again
    I know these are the correct settings because they are the same ones I used before and I use the same settings on tunderbird on multiple computers. I have discovered that I can connect through POP, but I'd much rather have IMAP again. I think that the email configuration file has become corrupted. If anyone knows where on the phone that file is located, I can clean it out and start fresh.
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    sometimes its in the severs of the email... try again...
  3.    #3, it's not in the servers. I just tried again an failed, yet thunderbird has no problems connecting.
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    Alas a trip to the Doctor may fix what ails your Pre. You might spend more time troubleshooting the email issue than it would take just to start with a fresh phone install.
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    Ah ha! I wanted to post a followup for anyone who might have the same problem.

    What I think was going on:
    In 1.4, the internet connection timeout was shortened slightly. This is the amount of time that the phone waits before it gives up on connecting to a server. I noticed while browsing some sites that they wouldn't load fully because parts of the page would timeout. Because my mail server is a bit slow** and EVDO lags a bit, the pre would timeout when trying to connect for the first time. I could see on the server logs that my phone would try to connect and then drop the connection.

    How I fixed it:
    Connecting over WIFI removed the latency of EVDO to allow the pre to connect for the first time. After that, everything works again (email wise), even over 1x and after reboots. I think the pre caches the connection info somewhere, but I'm not sure. I'll look into it some other time. Anyway, no doctor needed! I hope this is helpful to anyone else on the forums!

    **This ties into why pop would work, but not IMAP. When an IMAP client connects, it caches multipule connections to the server (related to the IDLE command). Between myself and everyone else using the mail server, IMAP quickly becomes overloaded with connections and slows down. POP on the other hand does not keep connections open like that, and works at a consistiant speed. The real solution is to both upgrade the mail server (badly needed) and decrease the number of connections our desktop clients are making (one was trying for 15 at a time!), but this will take some time. I've outlined the quicker pre-specific solution above.
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