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    My Pre has not been getting notifications from GMail since the 1.4 update. The problem is only intermittent, but rather annoying. Sometimes the notifications come through just fine, other times not at all. If I open the email app, the emails are or download after a refresh.

    Another thread mentioned a similar problem, but their problem was only with notifications and seemed to be linked to their system sound settings.

    I've changed nothing in my system sounds that has made a difference (after reading the above mentioned thread, I changed the sound preference in my email from "mute" to "system sound."

    Sprint Pre
    Running Preware

    Any suggestions?
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    try this:

    on your desktop computer, change your gmail address password to something more secure (and longer)

    go to your pre and change it to the same password

    emails should sync.

    (ive read on the boards palm pre doesn't like unsecured emails for gmail)
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    unsecured passwords I mean
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    No suggestions, but mine stopped working too. Total B.S.
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    I have this issue every one in a while. There has been some conjecture about it being linked to 3G/Wi-Fi hand-offs. You could try disableing one or the other for a while and see if the problem persists.

    Unfortunately it's a rare issue for me.
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    Tried it, doesn't work. Everything was working just fine yesterday, then the wheels fell off. I can't a connection to mail server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmcclusk2 View Post
    Tried it, doesn't work. Everything was working just fine yesterday, then the wheels fell off. I can't a connection to mail server.
    Unfortunately that's a different issue than being discussed above.
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    @trim81 I'm not sure that this makes any sense as a solution. My password is quite long and quite secure and this happened after 1.4. So, unless the software somehow started evaluating passwords after 1.4 for security, I don't see how this would help. Do you have any other details that might explain why this might be the issues.

    @ryley Thanks. I think I have been noticing it after wifi handoffs more than at other times. I'll give that a shot.
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    My issues is likely related to the issue in the thread titled "EVDO Stops Working after WiFi Switch." You might check there if you have this problem.
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    are you also saying that you can't manually sync mail? Or they are just not auto syncing?
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    The problem seems to be that I'm not getting mail automatically. When I manually sync, it shows up (as far as I can tell). This makes sense if there is a problem when wifi handoffs to evdo. The manual sync might reconnect to the evdo.
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    i have wifi off (pre plus) and i notice a delay in mail sometimes it works sometimes ill go hours without a notification
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    you asked for help, I offered my advice

    Its worth a shot Buddy -try it and see

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