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    Sorry if this has already been answered, but I couldn't find the answer in my searches.

    I use Google calendar and it sync pretty well with my Pixi Plus... except for one thing. When I set up an event in Google calendar through the web interface on my desktop computer, I can set it to display a pop-up reminder. But when it syncs, this doesn't make it to my Pixi. Before I got my Pixi I had been using the SMS reminder feature, but it feels kind of dumb to do that now that I've got my Google calendar fully synced to my Pixi. Is there any way that I can make this happen? It's especially important since I create a lot of events automatically from e-mails and it would be seriously annoying to have to go to each one on my Pixi in the calendar to set a reminder.

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    Hi there! I have exactly the same need.

    What I could see from the tests I've made is that the sync works well only one way: from Pre/Pixi to Google Cal, but not in the opposite way (from Google Cal to Pre/pixi).

    I mean: if I create an event in my Pre (Pixi Plus, in your case) with a "1 hour" reminder, when I look at the event in Google Calendar website, the event shows a "1 hour" email reminder.

    However, if the event is created in Google Calendar website, even if it has a "1 hour" email reminder, in the Pre/Pixi the event appears with no reminders at all. :-(
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    When creating events using the web site, the reminder needs to be a pop-up reminder in order for it to transfer to the Pre/Pixi as a working reminder.
    I believe, but haven't tested this, that if you set your default notification on the web site for a particular calendar to pop-up, that when creating the event on your Palm/Pixi the type of notification will be added as a pop-up notification on the web calendar. Hope that makes sense.
    My calendars via the web site are all defaulted to pop-up and reminders have always worked for me.
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    Yes, it works! It was a really simple solution but I didn't figure it out... Thanks Nacho!

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