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    Anyone else gettibg this weird gmail acct locked notif? Having to go in and unlock the email or else you get the yellow error triangle
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    yes!!! i have deleted the gmail acct and then put back with no luck. i am glad you mentioned this, i hope i fix is in the works
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    is this the notification that says you have to re-enter your gmail password? I've been getting that a lot the past 2 days
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    I haven't had this problem with gmail.
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    No problem here either ... maybe a visit to the Doctor?
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    happens randomly like every ither day, anyone else? Says Captcha unlocked after I reenter my login on this special page very strange!
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    That happens when you have a weaak password. Change ur pw to something stronger and the lock-outs stop. I dont know what's the logic to it but it worked for me. I haven't gotten the lockout in months.

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