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    If you've got a mac and you want to revert back to itunes 9.01 so you can sync up then all you've got to do is.....

    1. Have been using time machine
    2. Go to your itunes app and toss it in the not delete, just isolate it
    3. Open time machine and find the itunes app
    4. Click the arrow to go 'back in time' until you see itunes 9.01
    5. Click restore
    6. It'll ask you for your administrator password, enter it
    7. OS X will restore it (takes just a minute)
    8. Open her up and let it marinate 'cuz its gonna wanna do some gapless checking and whatnot


    p.s. DO NOT do this with your phone connected, it'll just cause confusion with the system. Its going to be busy doing a **** ton of crap like itunes always does on an update. Just let it do its thing and then restart your computer to work out any discrepancies
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    the shorter way is

    1. Download 9.0.1
    2. Trash the current itunes app
    3. Install 9.0.1


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    I agree but if you don't want to search then just check your own external drive. Then you you know you've got a legit copy

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