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    I'm not positive that this is a 1.4.0 issue or if existed in (therefore I am not including it in the 1.4.0 issues thread), but I'm having trouble with Google Calendar events that are setup to repeat on several days of the week over a period of time syncing correctly.

    For example, I have an event that is for Monday through Thursday for the next several weeks at a certain time. It was showing up in Google Calendar just fine, but not displaying at all on my Pre's calendar - even though other Google Calendar events were there. Syncing manually did nothing. I even changed setting on the event and tried re-syncing without any change. Then I deleted and recreated the event in Google, and manually re-synced and some of the events showed up but only for Mon thru Wed - Thursday's were left out.

    Has anyone else experienced similar issues?
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    I was having this same problem with one of my important weekly appointments. Others were showing up, but this one item would not appear on my Pre calendar. I was forced to delete it and reenter it on Google and that fixed the problem.
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    Yeah I tried deleting and recreating, and that only partially fixed the issue.
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    While I love the whole concept of the calendar function on the Pre, it is not without its problems. My partner even experienced the nightmare of actually entering the calendar event on the phone itself only to see it disappear some time later. Apparently when it synced with Google calendar the lack of an entry on this one specific date took priority over the newly entered appointment on the Pre and ended up erasing it.

    Like I said, it's a great concept, but not quite perfected yet.
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    I just recently noticed some trouble syncing, but maybe I just never noticed it before. I have 5 recurring events that I created yesterday on the google calendar (gcal) and 4 of them show up just fine on my pre; the one unlucky event never showed up on the pre.

    I also created a test event on the pre and it showed up right away on gcal, but when I deleted that event and created a new test event under a different time the pre didn't show them until I manually synced them up.

    However, now that I've synced it manually it seems to be refreshing the pre much better. I don't know, it has it's good and bad days I guess; but it's better than not having the capability right?
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    I've been noticing the recurring calendar events for classes I teach - which happen certain days a week and not others - tend to disappear unexpectedly. Frustrating. And now after 1.4 other recurring events, and even some non-recurring events, seem to randomly disappear from the phone, which then disappear the events from my other calendars on a sync. VERY frustrating.

    I can't tell where they disappear from first, and I've got a three-way sync going on with Outlook, Google, and the Pre, but the timing suggests 1.4 may be responsible.
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    I had noticed an issue with Google and where if a recurring event had a specified end-date, rather than 'forever', it could (and I don't know what the circumstances are) end up showing on the day previous on the Pre. I have 3 weekly recurring events with end dates, and two of them show on the Pre as being the day before they actually happen, and the third works fine, and I have no idea what the difference might be to make one work and two not. They always show correctly in Google, and wrong on the Pre, and if I delete and recreate, the problem persists. I still have the problem with 1.4, btw.
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    I have also been having this problem. I'm removing the account and re-adding it. If that doesn't work, then I've seen suggestions elsewhere that adding an end date to the repetition of the event helps.
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    I am so glad I am not alone. This is exactly what is happening to me. The calendar function is absolutely the second most important function of a smart phone to me.

    Randomly losing appt.s is making my life crazy. I have a family of four to keep track of and cannot remember all those events. I LOVED how dependable the Palm OS was and am gettting a strong dislike for this phone.

    I could have lived with double typed letters but not this! aghhh.

    Most of my recurring events have end dates so that won't help me. My problem seems to happen most often when I change "only this instance" of recurring events. Like adding a comment to the title or moving one instance back an hour.

    I hope someone finds a solution soon! I just want this phone to work...

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