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    when I got my pres a month ago, the salesperson behind the counter kept mixing up the 2 phones, so many times during the setup procedure that we decided it would be a good idea for them to put a post-it on them so the employee could keep track. Long story short, my wifes palm profile is registered under my email, and my profile is stored under her address. It actually is a bit annoying because every new account setup defaults to the wrong name and email address. Any ideas on how to get the right account tired to the right email?
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    Due to frustration, I wiped both phones and accoutns, working now.
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    you can go to the backup feature of the phone and in there you can change the email and the password. no need to wipe the device. just got there and change the email.
    launcher, last page(unless changed) backup, preferences, palm profile, password, then just tap the email part and change it...let me know if this works for you. i changed my email and password this way!! also added the question!

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