I have a Palm Pre with the latest version and I'm synching my calendar with Google. It works fine except for one item that seems so obvious to me yet I can't find any solution.

On either platform if I want to record for example a week long conference or a weekend away - I can set it as an all day event. It then shows on the individual day mode my Palm Pre (there is a nice bar across the top of a given date.)

However, when I look at the "Month View" nothing shows. It appears that nothing is on for those days. I could completely miss that there is a week long conference or a weekend vacation planned because nothing shows on the month view. On Google it shows a bar covering the number of days.

How can I get multiple day events to show on the Pre Calendar using "All Day". As of now I have to choose 8AM to 5PM each day to get it to indicate. I must be missing something very obvious. Any help out there? Craig