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    When I delete an email on my phone it is also deleting it on the server. Is there a setting to leave a copy on the server. If you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate the help. I'm using EAS

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    Check with your network administrator to see if there is a setting within their EAS. Otherwise, this is the way it works.
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    Hey. The phone manages how many emails it keeps automatically. There's really no need to delete. That setting is located under 'Preferences & Accounts' in the email app. Select your Exchange account under 'Accounts'. Then scroll down to the 'Sync' section and the 'Show Email' setting is how that's managed for you automatically. It corresponds to how many days worth of messages you want to store/show.

    Now, here's another tidbit just in case your real issue is of a different nature that plagued me until I figured it out. I was unintentionally deleting messages off the server as well.

    Scenario: Received notification in the dashboard. I didn't really want to read email at the time so I was pressing the 'trash' icon. Then later when at PC I couldn't find email. Well, I deleted it via the Pre.

    What I should have done is performed a swipe on the notification. That acknowledges it and gets it outta the way. But the email is preserved.

    Hope that addresses your question.
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    So the way EAS works is the same way Outlook works or Outlook Web Access works. It connects to your mailbox, and interacts directly with it. Anything you do on your phone, it does on your mailbox, effecting outlook web access, and your other devices. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

    Imagine you spend your 3 hours in the airport cleaning up your mailbox. When you log onto your Outlook, you want all that work to be there, right?

    On the bad side, if you habitually keep 10,000 messages in your in-box, your phone will show those 10,000 messages. If you don't want to see them all on your phone but want to keep them, then you are out of luck. Solution to that would be to move them into a separate folder instead of deleting them.

    EAS is not POP. EAS is not IMAP.

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