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    First, here's my setup: Palm Pre (Bell Mobility), O/S, syncing using Chapura Pocket Mirror to Outlook 2007.

    I sync my contacts, calendar, tasks and memos to the Pre.

    However, I also use Facebook. Some of the names in my contact list on my Pre now have duplicates that have been pulled from Facebook and added as a separate contact entry (with only the information from their FB profile). I have tried to delete these duplicates but am told that Facebook entries cannot be deleted.

    Somewhere, somehow, and I don't remember when/how, I set something to sync contact info with Facebook but I don't want this.

    Can someone please tell me if they've run into this same situation and if so, what might be a solution?

    I should add that I also use an add-on in Outlook called Xobni which also has a tie-in to Facebook but this problem existed before I installed Xobni.

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    You can just link the duplicate contacts.

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