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    I actually used that for a while, but the syncing with my Pre wasn't working properly. It was putting the songs into the iTunes hidden folder, but the Pre wasn't picking them up at all... listed no music on my device.
    were you doing this under media sync mode or usb mode?
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    Well, they didn't remove it. They just disabled it by default, although mine remained visible (possibly because I already had synced music to my Pre using iTunes).

    How is Media Monkey for ripping cds and acquiring their info and album art? Those are two of the biggest things I want a media player to do. I tried MM for a little while before changing laptops, but I got the impression you need a separate program to handle the ripping of cds? I'm no fan of Apple or iTunes, and I'd love a different option. doubleTwist seems to have a lot going for it, but it still requires iTunes and a lot of posters elsewhere on the site say it's slow. Is there someone with extensive experience in this realm (on at least a few media players) who can weigh in?

    You don't need a separate program to rip cd's. MM will rip them play them and sync them. I haven't had any problems at all getting album art.
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    thanks, double twist worked great!!
    What does this button do?

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