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    We have a new project here at work, and there are meetings with a ton of people invited. I guess for that reason, the person sending out the invites has set it to auto-accept the meeting on everyone's calendar. For some reason, these meetings will not show up on the Pre. Every other meeting on my calendar does except for these. Oddly enough, if I go through the Exchange web interface, trying to open these meetings always returns an "internal server error," which I'm guessing is why the Pre can't pull in the meeting.

    Has anyone else had an issue like this? My solution was to just sync my Outlook to my Google calendar, but unfortunately, this has the unintended effect of doubling my events on the calendar But it does make the meetings appear (those appear only once obviously, since they're not brought down from Exchange at all), so it's something I have to live with for now.
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    I know a problem I was having was appointments I made in Outlook were not making it to my Pre. As it turns out I did not have the latest greatest version of Companionlink (Ver 3.0 (Build 3089)). Once I upgraded my problem was solved. Not sure if this is your issue or not but thought I would throw it out there.

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