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    Starting on approx. March 15th my events (mostly just my school schedule which are set up as recurring events) are off by 1 hour. Instead of my class starting at 9am, it shows up at 8am. Does anyone else see this on their end or have a solution so the times are correct? I want to try and fix this before it becomes a real problem.
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    it's because of daylight savings. Go into date & time settings and turn off network time zone, then set to the correct time zone. Then go back to calendar and everything will be fine.

    for some reason the stupid phone isn't picking up the correct time zone from the network, and as such if it's a time zone that doesn't observe daylight savings your calendar is wrong.
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    I found the exact same thing. Very frustrating. I love the heck outta this phone, but the little bugs are annoying. Hoping an OS update fixes this.

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