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    Had to do a hard reset (which was different than Web OS Doctor) this morning as advised by Sprint technical service. I have used Web OS Doctor to restore factory default on my phone before. After each time, when I logged into my Palm Profile, all music and pictures returned. This time however, they are gone.

    What happened?
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    web doctor does not delete any info on usb drive . A hard reset deletes everything on the phone. Backup does not save or backup your personal photos or pics on phone
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Data stored on the user partition is never backed up. Sometimes the Dr. erases it and sometimes not. Best to back up in advance. Things not backed up. Downloads, pics, videos, etc. Settings such as email accounts, contacts & accounts, calendar accounts, etc. are. Always make sure you do a backup right before you reset to ensure the latest data is stored.

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