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    Is anybody having problems with Exchange today? The Pre wasn't receiving any emails overnight, so I tried to refresh it, and still nothing. I tried to send an email, still nothing. So i removed the EAS account and tried to re-add won't work, saying to check the incoming mail server. It's the same as it always was, my OWA account for work-
    My certificate is good on the Pre. Anyone experiencing this?
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    I have not had any issues with email, but I just noticed that the calendar on the pre+ is missing some of my events from a couple of weeks ago that show up on my OWA and in outlook. Tried a synchronize calendar, but it did not add those back to my pre. I have not done a search to see if this is something that has happened to anyone else.
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    My Exchange works, however I get no notifications ever since last Friday. I used to get them instantly. :-(

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