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    trying to sync with outlook for my pre. I am trying The Missing Sync but it hung up on the calendars and the contacts. Any other ideas?
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    If you're feeling flush, try and buy Chapura Pocket Mirror.

    It's a little spendy but it does work every time. I have looked at most options for Outlook sync and found Pocket Mirror to be the best option and the most reliable.

    I think there's a free trial in the app catalog but it can also be viewed on their website.

    Good luck.

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    you can sync outlook to gmail - either for free (a little complicated) or try the trial of companionlink (easier, but if you like it, after 30day trial it's $30).

    both will work...
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    I sync email with a pop 3 account and calendar with google's free calendar sync. Google has a paid app that will do calendar and contacts.
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    I use ActiveSync to sync my mail and calendar with Exchange for work. Works very well. Is that an option for you?

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