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    For the last month or so I'm seeing a number of duplicate contacts displayed. I have not definitively identified the source but here is what I know.

    I have done a partial erase bringing back only the Palm Profile and my dup problem is corrected.

    However when I start adding my email accounts (yahoo, gmail) the dups start to show up again.

    How can I troubleshoot & resolve this?
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    My Yahoo contacts is the culprit. How do I resolve, fix?

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    your "duplicates" should be linking together. you may need to link them manually (though it should happen automatically). hopefully you don't have a lot of dups.
    BTW, the Yahoo Synergy thing has really not played well with the Pre. I'm not sure why that is. I personally like yahoo but had to eventually remove it. Maybe 1.4 will fix it so that it "syn-o-gizes" better.
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    thanks for identifying that yahoo is the problem. Bc I thought as well that this problem would be solved by the magic of palm synergy. Looks like they are not there with the yahoo piece.

    I started to do it manually and it took me 20 min just to get through the A's. So I not wasting any more time going that route.
    question for you: how would I turn off the yahoo synergy? And if I do does that onlt affect the contacts listed in my palm contacts app or also in the email account linking? Would I still have access to the full yahoo contacts addresses in the email app? Thx
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    Are you sync'ing your Yahoo with Outlook? If so, this is great freeware that will remove the dups. Helped with my contacts and calendar. Google was dup'ing mine and I found this and it was a HUGE help!

    Outlook Duplicate Items Remover
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    Thx for the suggestion but NOT using Outlook. Just straight synergy btwn Palm Profile and yahoo and gmail.

    I did go into Yahoo contacts and it had a tool that was suggested to help remove duplicates. I ran it and it did clean up a number of obvious dups I already had in Yahoo (not based on Palm). So my Yahoo contacts shows less dups than before (same name but 2different numbers) but the problem is still existing on my Palm contacs after I add Yahoo to my pre.

    I have have used yahoo and Palm for years (since 2001) and I used to need to keep A persons home number and cell number in different entris in Old Palm contacts. I always rolled them into my next Palm with no problems. With the new Pre I decided to upload my contacts into Yahoo to use as a backup and have access from Yahoo mail would be nice. Plus I thought the senergy would make this a non issue. Well it was working great. Not sure what changed but now I got dups on my Pre.

    Puzzled what happened and the cause.
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    Well after running the duplication tool from Yahoo and turning off the Syncing with Palm (kinda hidden deep inside a few mail options menu screens) the Dup problem is about 90% solved. The ones that remain I would not expect them to catch. So yeah in the end it looks like that Yahoo Synergy with Palm Pre is not working correctly. So if I had Max Baxter in my Palm profile and Max Baxter in my Yahoo contacts, I would see 2 Max Baxters in my phone. Oh well I hope the get this worked out.

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