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    My Pre doesn't have a default account for contacts and I cannot figure out how to set an account to be default. I want my gmail account to be the the default if that helps at all.

    This is super annoying as it means I can't add new contacts.

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    I assume you added your gmail account to the phone? Open the contacts app and tap the top left then tap the accounts and preferences. If your saying that in that menu there is no accounts not even the palm profile then you might need to try full erase...
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    There are three accounts for my contacts. my palm profile, my facebook and my gmail. But beneath accounts there is "default account" and that is blank. I wish to make my gmail account, which other wise works fine, syncs fine and I have all my contacts, my default account.
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    Normally you just tap the default account field and it list the accounts you can select as default. But if yours is blank I'm not sure you can try tapping it to see or go with a full erase and re-set up your accounts just back up your usb drive if you have stuff on there...
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    i actually just noticed the same thing on my pre- running 2.1 not sure if it is one of the advanced patches but i have three acounts and the default is blank and i am unable to set it. anyone else?
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    I have the same problem. Only just had the phone for a week. It used to be gmail and has just disappeared. Default account is blank and I cannot set it. It means any new names I'm adding to my phone don't get added to gmail contacts anymore. Has anyone found a solution for this?
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    Does anyone know what to do if your defaul account can't be set. It makes the syncing impossible. It worked for a few days and then stopped.
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    It has been restored with help from Palm support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by banditwow View Post
    It has been restored with help from Palm support.
    what did they do or have you do? I'm currently having this problem with my newly Sprintified Pre 2.
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    You can read it in this thread, not sure if it's going to be any helpful. I had quite a few problems in the beginning they have mostly disappeared.

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