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    I can't send emails from my Palm Pre using my gmail account. I have checked my imap and smtp settings and they are correct. I also don't get any error message- the emails just sit in my outbox for an eternity. I'm also having some issues with receiving emails as well, but that seems to come and go.

    I have tried:

    -Changing my password
    -Restarting the Pre
    -Tinkering with imap and smtp settings
    -Different Gmail account altogether

    Nothing has worked. Is this a Sprint issue? This stuff is maddening, especially when the phone works flawlessly for 9 months and then decides to act up for no reason.
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    That does sound a bit odd - does the problem persist on both cell data and wifi? Since it only started today it could be server errors in which case tomorrow it may be fixed.

    If you can determine whether or not the problem is with both wifi and cell data, then you at least know that it's a problem with your phone and we can go from there.
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    I had the same problem a few days ago, I think it was a server problem with bad weather, things were prefect the next day
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    I didn't realize I made this thread twice- sorry guys! Mods please merge if possible?

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