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    Hey everyone. Still trying to learn the ins and outs so I'll be asking questions (and using the search function liberally) for awhile.

    I'm on my second Pre Plus but I made some Amazon mp3 purchases on my first Pre. I never backed up my files on a computer (lesson learned), and am wondering if those mp3s could be retrieved somehow OTA.
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    Sadly, no. I know other posters have had this issue, and they've had to re-purchase their music through Amazon.
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    no repurchase necessary. You need to call Amazon cust. Svc.

    Best deal is to use a computer and goto support on website and click on the call me back button. It is an issue that they are aware of and will gladly walk you through finding your purchase in your Amazon media library and re-downloading for free. They also send you an email that gives you walk through steps to repeat if necessary. I have found that it is still necessary to call each time that there is an issue as the problem has not yet been fixed. Do not repurchase your it is not necessary. If you have already done so, they will also happily refund you. Cust. Svc is nice and very helpful.

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