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    Alright... I'm sure many of you are probably as obsessive about your data as I am. I get a little OCD when it comes to having my data constantly in sync across all my devices.
    #1) My Pre
    #2) My Laptop
    #3) My Desktop
    #4) Web Interface

    Overall, not really so hard... but I'm a hard-core Outlook user. The sync apps I had checked out didn't want to support multiple calendars, or two-way sync from Outlook... and I don't think anybody is doing tasks very well yet. So here is the custom solution I've got going right now. It does take a couple third-party apps, so it isn't free... but completely worth it to me.

    First of all I love the Google webapps... so my email, calendar and contacts are there. This is all handled very neatly by the Pre itself. Outlook handles IMAP Gmail very well and contacts/calendar can be sync'd with Outlook using SyncMyCal (Share Outlook Calendar Free, Google Calendar Sync, Pocket Outlook Google Sync - SyncMyCal). SyncMyCal supports multiple calendars, categories and many sync options (outlook to google only, google to outlook only, 2-way) for each step you define. So viola... my web interface, pre and both PCs are constantly in sync no matter where I decide to do work.

    Tasks are a bit more tricky. Google Tasks blows... and doesn't sync with anything. I finally settled on Toodledo. Toodledo syncs nicely into the Google Webapps with a Google Labs app, and can be accessed using the browser on my Pre... but I wanted something to be able to utilize system notifications on the Pre and put my daily tasks "in my face." First of all syncing Toodledo to the Pre can be achieved by using NuevaSync (NuevaSync - Push Email and Over-the-Air Synchronization for Your iPhone). I did have to upgrade to the Premium account... but it lets you create a "virtual" exchange account which can then be sync'd to the Pre with under an exchange setup. NuevaSync will also handle your email, calendar and contacts should you choose to port them through it. It provides syncing ability with Google and Yahoo accounts. Now, that my tasks are on the Toodledo webapp and on my Pre, I use a tool called Toodledo Outlook Sync by Chromatic Dragon to pull my tasks into Outlook.

    So... there you go... a bit tricky to conduit all the data, but everything is harmonious now and my OCD is at rest

    I have chosen to keep my memos/notes out of Outlook at this time since I am using Evernote on the Web, Pre and native desktop app, since it is so far superior to anything Outlook can offer.

    ps... this should be easy to setup using Outlook 2007 and earlier. I actually did manage to pull it off using the Outlook 2010 beta. PM if you want to know those tricks.

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    oh.. and I forgot to mention this is all done wirelessly through the "cloud." I don't even have to connect my Pre to my home wi-fi to get this done. It's all OTA on the phone's data connection... and as long as my home pc/laptop have an active internet connection everything works in the background.
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    so my work email calendar and contacts are all through Outlook.
    Currently, I use a program on my 750 called GOOD LINK. It wirelessly syncs them within 5minutes of entering something. (wherever I am) It works very well.
    Tomorrow I will be recieving my new Palm Pre Plus through Verizon and I'm a nervous wreck that it wont sync wirelessly.

    Is it true that with a Pre Plus I wont have to use GOOD anymore?
    (or even be able to)
    Because I dont want to.

    I just want to be able to view all of my contacts, calendar and emails through my work's Outlook.
    I want to be able to have them defaulted to the pre and touch the email button or touch the contacts and calendar and have them pop up and stnch back and forth.

    Can anyone shed some light and let me know if this will work?

    It will help me sleep tonight, becasue if it doesnt work, I'll have to return the Pre and get somethig else.

    Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.
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    is your work account setup through an exchange server? if so, and if your IT will setup your Pre... it will handle exchange accounts seemlessly. personally, my work will not allow any devices that are not company owned... so i also have a crackberry that i carry around during work hours. but thanks to google voice and call forwarding i can get away with carrying one phone at a time.

    ps... i was unfamiliar with GoodLink, so I did a little search and it appears that it is built to interact with Exchange Server... so you should have no issues as the Pre handles exchange well.. I believe there have been some minor exchange issues.. but you should be able to read up more on those in the forums. And.. hopefully 1.4 which we should see in the next couple days will help resolve anything still out there...
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    that would be great.

    what makes it work for me, and others have to go buy a 3rd party app?
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    the difference is that you are using a corporate exchange server which will work natively with both the pre and outlook. many of us are using the Pre as a "personal" device, so we don't have an exchange setup... and it can be kind of pricey to buy an exchange account on one of the available sites.

    so while all of your data resides on the ces, my data resides in google (gmail, calendar, contacts), toodledo (tasks) and evernote (notes). as of the beta 2010 release, the only component that Outlook can handle natively (sync) is IMAP Gmail. everything else must be ported through 3rd party apps which provide a conduit between the webapps and outlook. i could more easily just use the webapps on my pcs... but i like outlook and having everything in one place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by radiant1 View Post
    ... calendar can be sync'd with Outlook using SyncMyCal....
    Why did you go with SyncMyCal vs Google Calendar Sync? Also, have you run into the Daylight Savings Time glitch with Google Calendar?
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    Google Calendar Sync would perfectly work if you you're keeping a simple calendar. I'm choosing to use SyncMyCal because it allows multiple 2 multiple, multiple 2 single, or single 2 multiple calendar support. I personally keep one outlook calendar color coded with categories, but those migrate to separate google calendars, so that I have a color coded view in both google and on the pre. the google calendars are named to correspond to the category it syncs with... so all my financial category events in outlook transfer to the "financial" calendar in google.

    i also chose SyncMyCal because it also offers contacts sync support. although it is still kind of weak, it is useable. the field mapping (extended info fields) isn't very tight in the latest stable version. there is a beta out that is supposed to address this issue, but it has proven unstable with windows 7 (64-bit) and outlook 2010. i currently only download my contacts from google to outlook (not fully sync), as to always preserve clean data in my google file. the only inconvenience is that when I add a contact, I have to do it through the google webapp or on my pre. any changes I make in outlook will not sync back. it does allow all of my contacts for sending email and pulling phone numbers in outlook though, so until a fix comes out... i'll deal with it.

    also, no DST time issues with Google Calendar... i was actually unaware there was one :/
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    Here's the DST/Time Zone thread discussing the issue that's apparently causing some people fits. I noticed it on some recurring tasks in Google Calendar that were initially transferred when I started using the Pre: ""

    I see Contacts sync on the SyncMyCal site, but does it handle multiple contacts folders?
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    i believe it should.. for each "step" you define in SyncMyCal, you select the Outlook folder that it will work with.... so you should be able to do multiple folders in theory...

    not sure if this is gonna work for what you want though... as i'm thinking about it: if you sync contacts from folder A in Outlook to google, then you sync contact from folder B to google, you will have the data from both combined into one google "folder." if it's set to two way sync, all of that data will end up back in both folders... so you lost the point of having two folders to begin with. if you kept A and B on a outlook to google upload only, it may serve your purpose. that way you would always have your contacts available to you on the move, but would have to make an edits/additions in outlook.
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    [QUOTE=radiant1;2226216] will have the data from both combined into one google "folder." ...QUOTE]

    Google allows multiple contacts folders, but I'll have to research and see if they can be sync'd separately. Maybe, from what you wrote, you already know they can't.

    The Pre only sees those that are allowed to flow up to the "My Contacts" folder. I know that, because I removed all contacts from "My Contacts" and put them in a separate folder. They all disappeared from the Pre.

    I research and end up hitting dead ends. I'm hoping that if i tread water long enough the perfect solution will appear.

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