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    I have two Exchange accounts (work and home) on my Pre.

    On the work account, my calendar only syncs one way. Items I put on the calendar on the Pre do not sync to the desktop. All other Exchange functions (e-mail, tasks, contacts) sync with no problems. Other people at work with Pres have the same problem. On the home account, my Pre syncs fine both ways.

    I assume that the problem must be related to the Exchange server. I've talked to the Exchange administrators for the work account, but they are clueless.

    Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be so I can help the Exchange administrators troubleshoot the problem?
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    same problem here. Sprint no help. Any ideas????
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    i'm also having this issue. There was a suggestion in another thread to disable the network time zone and it's supposed to correct the problem. However, this didn't work for me, and all it really did was screw up the time on my phone.

    this is a huge problem for me. I love my Pre but I may need to get another phone if I can't figure this out. I didn't notice the issue until I missed an appointment.

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