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    Occasionally, there are some messages that couldn't be sent. (btw, it always happen without any obvious reason, but I doesn't happen so often and I could live with it).

    The problem is those messages are stuck in outbox and only hours later (usually next day) I got warning message "Error : Message XYZ can't be sent". So, I believed the message was sent while actually it was stuck in outbox and that's the real problem.

    I couldn't find any settings to overcome this problem. I guess that Pre is keep re-sending outgoing messages until it reaches time limit. So, I'd like to make this time limit 10minutes instead of 1 day.

    I am using EAS (Exchange) on Pre side w/ Lotus Traveler & Lotus Domino on server side. (It seems to be client side problem)

    Any hints ?

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    This was an annoying problem. I use Palm Pre to consolidate many of my emails and all of the outbox's were stuck. I'm not exactly sure what I did, but it seems to be working now... so here are all the things I tried, in hopes that one of them work for you:

    1. I did NOT delete the account... (I didn't want to loose my outbound emails).
    2. I changed the password to blank, rebooted the device and re-entered the password. This did NOT seem to work.
    3. I use the PREWARE installer... so I updated everything (including PREWARE). Did NOTseem to work, either.
    4. I moved the items from the Outbox one at a time to the INBOX. After I moved one, the rest of the outbox items flew out.

    Hope this helps!
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    Ok... Problem is back. I even trien disabling WiFi and that worked at one point... But there seems to be no rhyme or reason for this.

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