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    I have a outlook exchange server at work which synchs with my pixi device. I need to coordinate schedules between work and personal life, so I often put my personal calendar events onto that calendar.

    I recently created a gmail account, and ONLY use the calendar. A friend informed me I could put my personal calendar events on google calendar, and share it with my wife, so she can see those too. We haven't figured out the sharing thing yet, but the concept is good.

    Problem is I can't see all my events in one big window on the desktop PC. When I'm working on my calendar, or planning, I need to see the big screen view.

    I found a google synch tool to put google calendar events onto outlook, but then my question is, will my webos device put the outlook google calendar events onto my pixi calendar as well? Then I would have double google events.

    Is anyone out there doing something similar? What's the trick?

    Thanks from a new member!
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    If you put your personal calendar on Google, then import or sync that to your Exchange server, you should just have to sync the Exchange server to your Pixi. That way both the personal and the work items come in one time (both via Exchange).

    The only disadvantage I see is that everything is one color on your calendar. I use Outlook at home and Chapura to sync that to my Pre, and Exchange at work (which syncs). That way each category is a different color (personal, work) on the Pre. But I don't have your all-in-one view on the larger PC screen (haven't found that necessary as you do).
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    But I would lose the ability to enter google calendar events from the phone, right?

    Is there a way to get google synch to synch with outlook, but prevent webos from synching to those google generated calendar events?
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    I don't use Google for any calendars, but I think you are correct. Any calendar event which is in Exchange will show up in webOS - you can't segregate part of the calendar out to not sync with some filter mechanism on source creation.

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