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    I have a situation where I've set up an executive assistant with a Pre Plus syncing two EAS profiles: Her own Exchange mailbox, and that of her boss'. The reason being she needs 24x7 access to his calendar and contact data ready at a moment's notice.

    This has the side effect of also syncing the boss' email data, which neither of them want.

    Previously we were able to accomplish this with Windows Mobile device (Moto Q - ancient) since you were able to check and uncheck what got sync'd through ActiveSync, and do it with multiple exchange mailboxes on a single phone. With the Pre's ability to sync multiple EAS profiles I hoped we could duplicate the functionality.

    So the question is, is there any way to selectively sync JUST the calendar and contact data, and/or block the emails from syncing? Thanks guys.
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    Unless things have changed in the recent updates, I don't think this is possible. I'd alsolike the ability to shut off email and keep contacts and calendar.
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    If they found a way to do it, and I know it must be possible to do it selectively since Windows Mobile can do it, then I could buy about 30 more Pre's to outfit all of the people that would have use for being able to sync their manager's calendar/contacts.
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    Has anyone been able to figure out if syncing only calendar and contacts of an EAS profile is possible?
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    If you simply delete the EAS email account from her device, do the calendar and contact accounts for those EAS accounts delete automatically also? It's been a while, so I can't remember.

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