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    I'm using a PRE on Bell, I tried sending an email with a picture attachment to my other account to test it and no attachment came through. I tested going from both of my account and no such luck. Then i sent it from my computer to myself and I was able to see both the attachment and the picture message in the body of the email from hotmail. My 2 accounts are with hotmail and rogers

    Anyone else have this issue. Would this have to do with not being able to receive MMS pictures aswell cause i called bell about that and no such luck, they couldn't fix nothing, (Why did i switch to bell) My Treo 680 never had a problem with Rogers.
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    Email should be completely independent of MMS. Was it a particularly large attach? It may have exceeded the file size for Rogers' attachments.
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    myself and my wife are having the same problem on Bell on our pre's
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