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    So... I have about 30 seperate folders with different music in each. I use these as playlists. Apparently, there is no way to drag and drop these into seperate playlists. This is exactly what I hate about the pre and the reson for downloading media monkey in the first place. I tunes lets me drag and drop my folders into the playlists I created without needing jamming the music all into one library folder. Is there any software out there for windows that allows me to complete such a simple task. I didnt need any software to accomplish this 4 years ago on my samsung flip phone. I am really getting to the breaking point here. I hate apple as a corportation and the last thing I want to do is continue to support them but it seems like they are the only people who used some logic when creating media players (besides winamp). Now who has an non i tunes solution to bring my seperate media files onto my pre as seperate playlists. It is not feasable to load everything to the libary and pick the songs out one by one to recreate the playlists. Someone help!
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    Does this not make sense? 42 views an no replies? There has to be some kind of solution. Most people I know have different playlists set up to just be different folders on their desktops. There should be a simple way to load these to media monkey seperatly right? I can drag and drop them into the playlists i create on i tunes but not on media monkey. Any software out there besides i tunes thatwill let me do this then sync with the pre?
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    This seems to be more of a Media Monkey help request, than a Palm Pre issue. I'd love to try to assist, but I do not have a Windows instance to reload Media Monkey on again. i used to use it, with no issues, but since there is no linux version, i can't use it anymore...

    I would suggest hitting up their forums since the issue your are having is with Media Monkey.

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