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    Won't deny the Facebook app is definitely lacking on WebOS, but on just about every other device (even Android) Facebook apps are severely lacking. The only good Facebook app is found on the iPhone and that's because Facebook officially developed it. Sadly, they've said they wouldn't officially develop for any other platforms other than the iPhone.
    U got it... I must admit the facebook app on the iphone is no joke.. Great app... I think web os will step their game up though.. I think facebook is one of the last things they are worried about right now... They need to figure out the bugs and get the phone to its full potential first ya know..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young HoV 718 View Post
    Palm has bigger fish to fry than making a excellent facebook app, I know it's not hard to do but dam let them fix battery life and make webos more faster..
    LOL didnt see ur comment, we are on the same page lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinamn2224 View Post
    ...friendsbook doesn't do notifications right and it doesn't keep me signed in....
    Have you updated to the latest version, 2.0.3? This fixes the keeping you logged in (but there was a solution several months ago in the forum that I had been using). Also, my notifications work just fine.

    Not saying, just saying...
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