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    How is Synergy suppose to behave with a pop email account?

    When I first got my Pre in July I remember that my email would be in Sync with what was on my mail server. If a message was removed from the server to Outlook it would be removed from my Pre. Now I notice that once the message gets to my Pre it seems stay there whether or not it is still present on the mail server. Has manner in which Synergy works with email been altered or am I missing a setting in the accounts preferences that have an effect on its behavior?
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    pop3 is typically intended for a one way trip from server to client. You can have the server delete as soon as downloaded, or when deleting from the client. But NOT delete from client when you delete from server. That would violate pop3 protocol.
    To do what you want, use IMAP (or EAS if it is an Exchange server).

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