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    i have looked on the forum,& other media monkey help sections but i cant find the answer.

    i have a plam pre gsm and after adding new album art & music to m/monkey and then went to sync with the palm pre, all the songs synced but no album art work. it was working before.

    has this happen to anyone else?

    i unselested the ipod folder option in m/monkey device settings so now it saves the album artwork in the usb section (but it didnt save in this section before )

    is there anyway to change to have it back to how it was (album artwork syncing but not saving in the usb section?

    how do i fix this?

    i am using media monkey 3.21 gold with the latest frimware on the phone
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    i dont know specifically but i know theres options for devices you sync and on one of the tabs you can set up how album art syncs. i have mine checked to embed the artwork into the files before they are synced. yours might be setup to sync the artwork as folder.jpg or somthing instead. check thse settings
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    Album art needs to be embedded into the audio files themselves. Once the album art is inserted into the audio file the Pre will display it correctly. If your album art uses an external jpg things get screwy.
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