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    hello everyone just received my palm pre about 3 dsys ago (best phone ever) switched from touch diamond. Today I synced my phone with itunes on my sister comp with no problem but when I tried to media sync at home media sync will not stay connected and in usb mode I can't locate my media files just wondering if anybody experienced this and if there is a fix

    this phone rules
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    Your sister probably has an older version of iTunes - is that the program you used to sync? The most recent version of iTunes doesn't recognize the Pre. You will need to either use MediaMonkey or simply drag and drop files to the Pre in USB mode. These are the only 2 options I know about. Maybe others can pipe in here to add some suggestions.
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    I just found this out today and it took me a few hours to figure out why I couldn't use media sync on the Pre.

    CAREFUL if you use MyTether USB mode. The USBNet must be turned off in MyTether in order to use Media Sync. Once I turned USBNet off and restarted the phone like it prompted, I was able to use Media Sync and sync playlists with iTunes.

    Doing this also allows you to use Media Sync with Media Monkey, if you do this route. This probably would only be the case if you were using an iPod configuration for your sync with Media Monkey (instead of a drive media sync).

    The issue I believe is what Media Sync does. When USB first plugged in, my Windows Vista immediately recognizes the Palm. Once you click "Media Sync" the Palm Pre electronically disconnects and then reconnects as an iPod. I guess with USBNet enabled, it is unable to fully disconnect and reconnect, I guess. Hope this helps some people who had the same issue as me.

    OH, and lastly, you need to use an older version of iTunes for the Pre. I am using version 8.1.1 and it works fine. You can download at an archives site: Anything much higher than that version and media sync will not work (I tunes blocked Pre syncing after around version 8.2). Oh, and whenever Apple says to update iTunes--DON'T. If you do, you'll have to uninstall that new version and reinstall the older version.

    LAST suggestion: Don't Autosync with iTunes. For some reason it always deletes my files. I set my iTunes always to manually sync. That way, I just make some playlists and then drag the playlists to my device and it automatically installs the missing songs. Also, you can just drag and drop files into the device, too.
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