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    My wife has kept her life on her Outlook 2007 desktop (contacts, calendar, email, etc) for years. With the Treo Pro she's successfully sync'd Outlook to the Treo Pro with Activesync.

    With her migration to the Pixi Plus we're looking to move calendars & contacts to the internet so we can more easily and mobily share our information.

    From what I read it appears Companionlink for Google will provide a method to permit her Outlook to sync with Google. It appears this sync will include EVERYTHING on her desktop outlook (contacts, calendar, recurring events, tasks, notes, reminders and contact photos). Is this accurate?

    From Google I understand the Pixi Plus will sync natively with Google bringing all that same into the Palm Pixi Plus. Is this accurate?

    Lastly, a change made to any one of these three locations (Outlook, Google & Pixi) will result in a sync to the other 2 sources. Is this accurate.

    Thanks in advance.

    Randy in Florida
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