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    I've had my Pre for about 90 days, and I am still having difficulties in the syncing department! I've gone through the forums and haven't found any posts that address my needs. If I'm repeating something, please give me a link to where I need to be.

    I had a Treo prior to my Pre, and I am heavily dependent on being able to sync my phone between Outlook at work and home. I know that Pocket Mirror doesn't offer sync for more than one computer. I've tried Google Calendar & don't care for it because I'm dealing with too many duplicates. In trying to avoid relabeling every.single.event in Outlook, I've found myself doing it multiple times anyway.

    I'm at my wits end and love my Pre other than this issue. Any other products (free or for purchase) or different ideas? I'm even willing to use, for example, Pocket Mirror for home and use Google Calendar from work if I can get everything to sync without dupes and needing to clear my Outlook. Please help!
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    search for google calendar sync on google. There are a few free software packs that will sync your online google calendar to outlook. That way anything you put on any calendar will sync with eachother. Just set them up to auto-sync google calendar and outlook, and your phone will sync to google calendar automatically. No dupes.

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