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    for google calendar, is there a way to have webos notifications on, but have your email notifications off? when i had my notifications on, i got double notifications because of that.

    actually, for my calendar, i'd want that in reverse; email off, webos notifications on.

    also, on my desktop computer, i added my dads calendar to mine so that i can view it. that popped up under my account on my pre, and it was on for view in view all mode, but it didnt load (this seems quirky, it works once in a blue moon). so i turned it off, and just added my dads account to my pre for calendar. so his notifications are on so that he can get the emails, and i get webos notifications, but i dont want to get them. so again, i need to be able to leave email notifications on while i turn webos notifications off.

    if this is possible, do i do it on google's end in my google calendar? or is this somewhere on the webos side in preferences? cause i can't find it there. i can find it in my google account, but on or off, that seems to be for both email and webos??

    please help!
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    Hi patrick,

    This is something you need to change on Gmail's end. Log into Gmail and hit Settings -> Filters. Create yourself a filter to say that "if the email is from then skip the inbox and mark email as read"

    Then you will only have WebOS notifications
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    cool, i kno how to do that . does anyone know about vice versa? ie. i dont need webos notifications from my dads google calendar, but he needs the emails

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