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    Does anyone know why when I go to fb by using my pre my friends updates haven't updated. Quite often they are hours old and sometime even from the previous day. I have deleted fb from my bookmarks hoping that would help, it didn't. I logged out of facebook and logged back in hoping that would help, it didn't. I don't know what else to do?
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    where it says NEWS FEEDS...TAP THAT AND IT WILL CHANGE TO LIVE FEEDS... We can also comment on pics now
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    That is not an option on the mobile web version. If I go to I can only get the mobile web version. Any other suggestions?
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    have you went to if so clicking on the news feeds changes to live feeds. Have never commented on pictures so can't tell you about that one.
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    if I type in that address it gives me an error. I know that by clicking on news feeds it gives me new updates, but like i said earlier I don't have that option.

    BTW...I can't comment pics either...the web version doesn't give me an option.
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    I got it figured out...I was looking for a different newsfeed option. Duh. Now if only i could comment on pics and I would be happy.

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