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    I added a yahoo email and I keep getting a message saying (unable to sign in) the error says message from server "missing crumb in response 3 100 0"

    I un installed and installed again but no luck
    need help
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    1st, try rebooting ur pre...if that doesn't work, try deleting & then re-adding account...
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    I have the same problem. I deleted my yahoo email, re-added and I get this same error. Any help? I am using IMAP.
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    i have to re add my password whenever i want to SEND a email thru yahoo.... not a biggy since i don't ever use my yahoo. just puttin that out there that i do also have a problem
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    I had the same error but it went away when I updated the OS.
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    I had the same problem when i got my refurb. after about a week, I was able to sign in. I didn't change anything, it just worked one day.
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    Remember that Yahoo is using Palm's servers for mail transfer. When you create a Yahoo mail account, don't manually enter your settings. Just sign in with your username and password.
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    I had this same problem repeatedly. I prefer Yahoo Mail to Gmail but my advice would be to open a Gmail account and use that instead - I've found it much more reliable to use on the Pre.
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    I deleted Yahoo, added it again, and still the error message that it was missing some security access. I then went to settings (under preferences in the email drop down menu)and changed outgoing mail server "use authentication" to ON, and entered my Yahoo account password. It has worked fine so far.
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    I am getting REALLY irritated by the complete inconsistency of Yahoo email on this device. I have 8 emails in my box on my PC, but the Pre will not download them even on a manual download. This is a consistent theme. I have added and deleted my accounts several times, and it works for maybe a day and then nothing. Sometimes it will say I have email AFTER I close the email app. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.
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    Try my fix: I think the problem is the "Use Authentication" button needs to be turned to "ON". See if that works.
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    I get every now and then, I have my email to check every 30 min., I think what is happening is that when your pre is trying to go online and check that the signal is bad/weak.
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    User Authentication has ALWAYS been on. Half the time it doesn't even get email now. What a joke.
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    I wonder if this has anything to do with yahoo's pop-email being a paid service now. I don't pay but it does seem to work often enough for spam to be delivered but never when i actually want it to. Gmail and AOL have always been flawless on my Pre...
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    I get this problem, but it's a little different, it seems.

    I get a notification saying that it failed signing in to Yahoo mail, and even if I let it go, it still downloads the e-mails. It can sign in, it just seems to fail initially and then do it anyway.
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    I have been getting this problem over the last couple of days. It works every once in a while. Seems like Yahoo is probably having issues on their server for some reason.
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    I am having this same problem past few days. It simply won't even check my yahoo email! Even with a manual sync there is nothing and then all of a sudden it will randomly download my emails. Very annoying and inconsistent. Used to work like a dream...not sure what caused this. And I NEVER get email notifications now even with new mail in the Inbox! Any ideas anyone!
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    Just ran across a post on another similar thread with some advice passed down from Palm about the Yahoo email sync issues. Palm suggests that if you have this problem that you delete your Yahoo accts on your Pre and then go to Yahoo's website and reset your email password. After done, then go back and create your Yahoo email accts on your Pre with the new password.

    I did this but I skipped deleting the accts and just reset my password on and then changed them on the Pre. So far my sync is working like it should!

    So just resetting your Yahoo email password may be the simple fix here...if not delete your accts on your Pre and then reset your password and reinstall.

    Hope this helps others...
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    Chizler.. no luck here. Changed Password. Same result, then deleted account and reinstalled, no luck.
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    FYI, there is another post with similar discussions (more generic than just yahoo) -- regrettably, not much more in the way of solutions.

    Personally: I am running two yahoo accounts, a GMail account and a hosted exchange / IMAP account -- Yahoo & GMail have never had this issue for me.
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