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    Question if I merge duplicate contact info and clean out old cell phone numbers etc does this info update to match the pre? I have google set as my primary account, but I remember reading somewhere that the sync is only one way where the pre updates google but not vice versa? I ask because thats a problem 2 fold since I dont want to do all the managing work to clean up my contacts on google to 1)not have them update the pre info and to 2)get over written by the pre's info which is the old and incorrect data!

    if the above is correct how can I get the google (from the web) to be the master list that matches the pre?

    I will do the work and export it as a file and just save it to my desktop untill i get a answer on this just in case. thanks in advance.
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    Changes to my Google contacts update to my Pre. Merging contacts on the computer also syncs back and shows up on my Pre.

    If Google is your primary, you shouldn't have a problem.


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