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    A search turned up very little information that was truly relevant to correcting this issue. Just a few topics on what some people have done a few updates ago to correct it.

    This morning at 9:02 my primary gmail account stopped syncing. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the account. That will eliminate most of the visible emails from the device and leave a scattered trail of past emails. Sometimes it will pull in a few of the new ones. The only fix that I have found so far it to log into my gmail on the web and archive everything that it is my inbox. I shouldn't have to do this every 2 days though. I have 2 other gmail accounts that are used less often but are syncing just fine and an EAS account that is working perfectly. I know that it is not the gmail servers as the emails are still coming through on my blackberry religiously. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this issue, or has anyone else experienced this issue previously?
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    By chance are you receiving a "Cannot connect error:129"?

    From my experience they are tied to one in the same issue. You most likely have email to arrive as it comes in right? For whatever reason this error breaks that sync and it does not reestablish for a few hours.

    I just doctored my phone and it resolved the issues. Kind of a pain but at least it worked. You could also set the email to check every 5,10,15 min etc. this forces it to grab the emails in my testing. Last, I am hoping this error message is fixed in the next update. Only got it after the last update and it must be some battery saving feature that is going bad.

    Good luck.
    Trying to give back for all the awesome help I have received. If anything I post is of any use, please hit the thanks button!
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    I never received any error messages. I think I figured out what is causing it though. Google and their threaded email conversations. There was an email that went out this morning with a ton of people Cc on the email. People that were Cc on it were hitting reply to all and after 9 reply to all's is when it quit syncing. I archived that one "thread" of 9 emails and it magically started syncing again.

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