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    I've been searching on here and can't find an answer.

    I'm looking to go from my Centro to a either a Pre Plus or Pixi Plus but I don't like this whole cloud business. Do I HAVE to set up a Palm Profile if I get either of these phones? And can I keep the phone from sending info on it to who knows where? I like the whole sync idea with Palm Desktop, but I also like that it's only between my phone and my computer, can I do this with the Pre/Pixi Plus? I don't use facebook or tweeter or any of those other places Synergy pulls contacts from so I could care less about that.

    If I have to use the cloud I think its gonna be a deal breaker for me and I'll stick with my centro.

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    Your gonna want to stick with your centro.
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    I came from a 755p and I hate the "cloud." I am replacing my Pre tomorrow and I really miss the days of TealBackup on PalmOS.
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    Check out CompanionLink USB Sync. It will go direct from Palm Pre to Palm Desktop, through the USB Cable that comes with the Pre. No Cloud.

    Just be sure the Verizon Rep doesn't "load" your phonebook to the Palm Profile on your centro. Instead, back up your Centro to your PC using Hotsync. Then set up CL USB Sync and CompanionLink, and run it from the PC. CompanionLink will put Contacts and Calendar into the "CL USB Sync" profile, which is a special Account that is not backed up to the cloud. CompanionLink offers "RunStart" service to do it all for you by remote to
    your PC if you want a hands-off trouble free start.

    For more info: USB sync with Palm Pre. Sync Palm Pre with Palm Desktop, Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!, and other PC software

    Using the software is free for a trial of 14 days. After that, if you like it, it's $39.95 to continue using it. Telephone technical support is provided free, even for the trial, so give a call if you have any questions.

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    Does CompanionLink USB Sync work with Palm Desktop on a Mac?

    So if I get pre/pixi I have to set up a Palm Profile? If so thats stupid. Whoever invented the cloud needs punched in the face. There was absolutely nothing wrong with using something like Palm Desktop to sync the phone. I don't see the purpose of all of this garbage. Maybe I'll just get a droid
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    Quote Originally Posted by knuckleball View Post
    Does CompanionLink USB Sync work with Palm Desktop on a Mac?
    For now, CompanionLink Products are all for Windows based PCs.
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    I really don't think this is a good phone for someone that is against syncing to the cloud. While there is 3rd party options like Companionlink, Webos was designed to sync to the cloud. Someone who is against it should really consider other phone options.

    My 2 cents.
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    Yeah I don't know what phone to get now. I don't really need anything fancy, but I want a QWERTY is horrible, a blackberry seems like overkill, I hate the OS of the Alias 2, and the droids are ok as far as an OS but theres no physical keyboard on the eris and i didnt like the droid keyboard. Palm was the way to go until I learned about this cloud thing, otherwise I really like webOS and both phones have a physical keyboard.

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