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    I have been borrowing my wifes palm pre (she moved on to a tour) & I was curious, when I click on a subfolder that is added as a favorite (i think thats the right term), it only updates when I click on the folder.

    Is there a way to make it just update like the inbox?

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    I don't believe there is.
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    I believe that's a limitation of EAS.
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    I think it would hammer battery life, but it would be nice to have the option.
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    This would be great, but I agree with neve about the battery life. I wish there was an option (again don't know if it's EAS or Palm) that you could set different fetch times.

    For example, my inbox might be on as items arrive, but some folders might be on every 2 hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rposa View Post
    I believe that's a limitation of EAS.
    The strange thing is on all my WM treos (700w, 700wx -yes I bought that too), 800w, treo pro) they all sync subfolders within exchange.

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