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    Hey guys, I am looking to get the Pre for my Mom, who is actually a lawyer, and her office uses lexisnexis' Time Matters for their contacts, can someone confirm whether or not I can sync the calendar and contacts to the Pre.
    Thanks a lot
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    I don't use Time Matters (I use Abacus). If TM syncs with Outlook, then she can sync with the Pre. The steps are: sync TM to Outlook, Outlook to Google (Google has free sync software), and Google syncs with Pre over the air.
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    I'm interested in the Pre, and rely on the Time Matters - Palm sync quite a bit.

    The TM to Outlook to Google to Pre process sounds pretty cumbersome. Once you have it set up, it is a "one touch" process to sync, or do you have to perform multiple syncs?
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    anyone else know if this will work for sure?
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    has any one figured out if time matters can sync with a palm pre or pixie, without going through outlook? Has anyone tried companionlink? Sync Palm Desktop with Palm Pre using a USB cable | CompanionLink

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