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    are you using a yahoo hosted account or simply yahoo account?

    coz if your are using yahoo hosted verizon account...

    this is the setting:

    type: POP
    username: the 1st part of the email address (without
    no ssl.

    use authentication.
    no ssl.
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    You can get the SSL certificate here It provides hosting,domain name register, domain appraisal, online file folder, ssl certificate etc...
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    actually if you need to install a certificate (usually for exchange) on the phone, you simply need to open your outlook web access on the phone web browser and sign in to your account once and you should have the option to save the certificate.

    after you save the certificate you shouldnt have certificate errors anymore when adding your email account on the phone.
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    here is what worked for me.

    delete all email accounts your having problems with then restart your phone.

    open the web browser.
    log into your account first.
    then open the email app on your palm device.
    tap top left corner and tap preferences & accounts.
    tap add a account.
    enter your email and enter your password.

    after is syncs completely restart your phone again.

    all ssl certs should be saved and valid for you accounts.

    let me know if this helped anyone else.

    COME ON WEBOS 2.0!!!!!
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