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    I just received a replacement phone and have noticed that my google contacts will not fully sync. I can see them when I log into gmail with my PC (30 contacts) but when I sync the account with my Pre, it only shows 14 of them. All of the contacts are in "My Contacts", so that isn't the problem. I have removed the google account from contacts and then re-syncd it with no luck (same 14 contacts show up) Also, the contacts that are missing seem to be random (as in there is no pattern to why they would or wouldn't be sync'd.) Any ideas?
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    It sounds like the 14 are probably "My Contacts", and the 30 are "All Contacts". Originally, the Pre synced with "All", now it syncs with "My" (which is better)

    In Google, checkmark the ones you want in "My Contacts", and select the box near the top on the right that says "Move to My Contacts", and you'll be set.

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