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    hey people, for some reason i started getting little notifications saying "please enter your password" do it and it would pop up again like 10-20 minutes later. now when i try to log in it says "invalid security token" and i know for a fact i was putting in teh correct password. i tried numerous times. im gettin frustrated. please help.
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    i've been seeing that the past day or two also. i removed the Yahoo profile from e-mail and re-added it. seemed to take care of it so far. in the past, it has normally corrected itself after a few hours/couple days.
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    This has been a problem for me the last few days too. Removing and re-adding the Yahoo account helps but only until the next time it decides to stop working. It seems that Yahoo just haven't been able to get email working consistently - this issue has cropped up several times since I got my Pre in October. Never mind the "account not "pushing" until a manual send and receive is done" issues that have cropped up also - admittedly much much more rarely.

    I prefer Yahoo to Gmail but after this latest instance I'm moving my Yahoo accounts over the Gmail, its just not worth the hassle of removing and re-adding my accounts every time Yahoo's service decides to go bonkers.
  4. dirtaymcgirt
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    yeah this is ridiculous.. are there any problems with gmail? and how is gmail over? is it better than yahoo?
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    it happens with Yahoo every so often. The last time, was because I forgot to pay my internet bill (AT&T) on time...oops.
  6. dirtaymcgirt
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    if i brought it to verizon would they be able to fix it? i want my yahoo on here this sucks
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    I also experienced this problem - oddly only with outgoing mail stating that the security token is invalid. Interesting note which suggests that it is not just a Pre issue: I have a scanner/fax/copy machine that I scan to email using the same Yahoo account. Today I was experiencing a user authentication error from the multifunction machine at the same time I was unable to send anything from my Pre.

    I logged out of yahoo, opened up the email in the outbox and then a moment or two later, the email which was stuck on the pre went out and the Multifunction copier could scan via email once again.

    Clearly some sort of Yahoo issue and not exlusive to the Yahoo IMAP servers for Palm (which are not used by by copier for sending outgoing email)

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